short-term candidate; an intellectual, poet, he never stood a chance. But for a minute, it looked like the tide would turn. Not so. The watershed: just falling short of the majority for a consensus. Furthermore, this voyage was an exhilarating and reflective experience on a capsule in the middle of the ocean. In a time that everyone flew. We arrived Days - some 4 I think - too late in New York. After all the hustle and bustle and getting to the ship on time. A pregnant (considering my condition) incident that I am still embarrassed about: my brother-in-law Rob drove us to Rotter dam, we stopped in Voorburg, close to The Hague to say good bye to family there. At that point we discovered that my beauty case was still in Amsterdam. It can happen: everyone picks up a bag and that one was left behind in haste. What's a beauty case besides identity? We were discussing this situation while driving on the highway to Rotterdam when we saw our friends Frits van Doornick and California Cathy - on their way to wave us off. Since there was still time to return to Amsterdam Rob gallantly offered to drive back and pick up the bag. So said, so done. Gustaaf and I got into Frits' Citroen 2CV and continued the journey to our ship while Rob sped to Amsterdam and so our paths parted. Immediately I had guilt qualms - never knowing when where our next meeting would be. How could I be so vain? He did make it and just minutes before our launching Gustaaf and he met on the gangplank underneath in the ship handing over 'the case'. Cinderellathe midnight hour. Sentiment. Tears, wet handkerchiefs but at last finally on our way - until 15 minutes later when we stopped - for an untold number of hours - within the territorial waters of the country we thought we left. Talk about an anti-climax! There was something wrong with the motor - meaning no tax-free booze for the moment and a financial loss for the Holland-America Line. To begin with there was only about one forth of the capacity booked. Everywhere we went to pick up new passen gers - England, Nova Scotia - people had to be put up in hotels. The captain and crew were grim-faced, the stabilizers were not

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