SUMMARY During his long life Martinus Slabber (1740-1835) occupied various official positions, i.a. Burgomaster, President of the court of justice, in the town of Goes (Netherlands). In his leisure time he collected and studied marine animals, chiefly of microscopic size, from the North Sea. He described and figured these in his book „Natuurkundige Verlustigingen" (1769-1778). Several of them were new to science. In the present biography I have tried to re-identify these organisms according to modern opinion. Slabber was also an expert in preparing bird skins and possessed a large cabinet of stuffed and mounted birds. In 1816 he published „Verhandeling over het opzetten van Vogelen" in which he gave directions for bird taxider- 66 mists. It is not known what became of his collection. The biography is followed by (I) a list of Slabber's original publications, and (2) a list of the papers in which his work is discussed.

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