always used, there were (figuratively speaking) questions of mutiny. More and more storms and less and less people at the dining table (4 times a day). In the end we were sitting at either end of the elegant table alone like I image William and Mary. An interesting trip, many life stories and visions exchanged. One good fortune; there was much musical talent on board thus unplanned concerts. We finally arrived early on a Sunday in New York; grouchy officials met the ship. This ship was slated to depart for a cruise days earlier. This delay typified my love/hate relationship with Holland. Continuation: going back and forth like sea gulls. Part of that where you came from - part of that where you're headed - un known. Only connect and travel light: My father's family took world trips. They left with empty steamer trunks for unknown periods to distant, exotic shores returning months later with the trunks full. Now that is what I call traveling.

Tijdschriftenbank Zeeland

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